Famous Personalities

Famous personalities
*Ghat khalaq

Ajab Khan Afridi Brave Pathan
Nawab Sir Khwaja Muhammad Khan Nawab of Teri
Ghulam Muhammad khan Ruller
Inayatullah Paracha
Per Shahinshah Politics
Muhammad Rustam Kiyani Chief Justice
Malik Ur Rehman Kiyani Politics
Sharifullah Gullu Football
Azar Sarhaddi Dramatist
Mian Mehmood Shoukat Education
Aziz Akhtar Warsi Poet
Ibne Ali Justice
Ali Haidar Victoria Cross
Pir Miralam Shah Khateeb
Khanzada Abdul Qadir Khan Education
Muhammad Aslam Khan Khattak Governor
Nawabzada Azmat Ali Khan Politics
Agha barq Poet
Ahmad Fraz Poet
Pareshan Khattak vice chancellor
Syed Iftikhar Gillani Politics
Javed Paracha Politics
Seth Siafullah Khan Transporters
Kalsoom Saifullah Politics
Afra siab Khattak Politics
Malik Muhammad saad khan Police

Sharifullah Gullu (1895-1980)

Football game is being played in Kohat (N.W.F.P) Pakistan since before the partition of the subcontinent. The old football clubs in Kohat were:

‘Shining club’
‘Zamindar club’

Both clubs had played many important matches in Kolkata Mumbai, Madras, Delhi and other parts of India and won prizes.
Sharifullah alias Gullu had joined the Shining club in his teens and played for it for many years continuously until 1940. He was a very fast runner and played every movement beautifully. He had won many prizes and gold medals for his brilliant performance. During his visit to India, he had met the British governor general of India. He was fondly known in Kohat as Gullu. He was son of Habibullah and born in 1895, was a resident of Mohallah Rangarh, Kohat city. He died in 1980 in Kohat at the age of 85.
Some other famous football players of Kohat were:

Syed Hamayun shah
Babu Nisar
Aslam alias Daddi
Rashid alias Sheedu

Shammi Daddi Gullu

Azar Sarhaddi

He was a poet and a dramatist. He wrote many dramas and songs for the Indo-Pak film industry. The songs of old Indian film Jugnoo were also written by Azar Sarhaddi. All songs of ‘Jugnoo’film was hits of the time. Azar Sarhaddi was a resident of Mohallah Sangerh in Kohat.

Open theater of Azar Sarhadi

Inayatullah Paracha

During the British era, he was authorised to issue coins in his name on behalf of the Government after the Second World War. The coins issued by him were probably made of thick paper or leather. Inayatullah Paracha was a resident of Mohallah Mian Badshah, Kohat.

Mian Shoukat Mehmood

He was a poet, dramatist and an educator. He had also served as a district education officer. Mian Shoukat Mehmood was belonged to the family of Hazrat Hajji Bahadar (r.a)

Ahmad Fraz (1939-2008)

Ahmad Fraz hailed from Kohat. He was born in Nowshera in 1939. His father Muhammad Shah Barq was a Persian poet and remained attach with the Radio Pakistan. Ahmad Faraz was a resident of Mohallah Miankhel, Kohat. He belonged to the family of Sufi Saint Hazrat Haji Bahadar (r.a) of Kohat. He got his early education from Kohat and then from Peshawar. He was indeed a great Urdu poet of the sub-continent.

‘Tum Takaluf Ko Bhee Ikhlas Samajtay Hu Fraz’
‘Dost Huta Nahien Har Hath Milanay Wala ‘

‘Teray Hutay Huway Aajti Rahe Sari Dunya’
‘Aaj Tanha Hun Tu Koe Nahien Aanay Wala’

‘Mien kess Tara say rahoun tum say rabita kay yahan’
‘Na kuwi ghar hay, na kucha, na dak khana hay’

The writer of the sub-continent was awarded pride of performance.
Ahmad Faraz was died on 27th August, 2008

‘Aab Kay Ham Bichraien Tu Shaid Kabi Khaboun Mien Mellien’

He will be remembered by the lovers of Urdu poetry

Muhammad Aslam Khan Khattak

Aslam Khattak hailed from Karak District. He was among three students who create the name of Pakistan. He was an Oxford University student in 1934. He with Mian Abdul Haq and Ch. Rehmat Ali had issue a pamphlet, creating the name and a map of Pakistan. They were admired by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Alama Muhammad Iqbal.