Mela Maweshan

In Kohat every year mela maweshan was hold and different type of plays were played their like, Rassa kashi, kabaddi, naiza bazi, hen fighting, dog fighting, batair fighting, bail dour, tonga dour and different acrobets were playing here and their like ‘janani’with her donkey saying pashto songs was seen and ‘Faqirullah’ cyclist, on his bycycle play different shows.

Mena bazar

Regularly hold every year in P.A.F Kohat in which different play were played like matches, gun shooting, cercus, jumps, tossing, tanmbola, shooting, lotries, behare- zulmat ka ghora, and many other different stalls were installed for defence and general public.


In Kohat Football game was played very anciant time old Football clubs were ‘Zamindar club’ and ‘Shining club’