Sufi Saints

Sufi Saints

Kohat houses many tombs of Sufi famous personalities, like

Ø Hazrat Hajji Bahadar

Ø Ghamkol Sharif

Ø Boona Baba

Ø Peer Bukhari Sharif

Ø Shiekh Allah Dad

Ø Shiekh Yousuf Baba

Ø Baba Mastan Shah Bukhari

Ø Peer Baba Kabli

Ø Janan Baba

Ø Baba Lal shah

Ø Paloosi baba

Ø Dora Baba

Hazrat Hajji Bahadar (r.a)

Syed Abdullah (R.A) popularly known as Hazrat Hajji Bahadar
He was born in Agra on July 31, 1581 in the era of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan. He was the lone son of Hazrat Shah Muhammad Sultan. The lineage (shajra) of Hazrat Hajji Bahadar goes to Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A).
Hazrat Hajji Bahadar was the follower of Hazrat Syed Adam Banoori. Hazrat Hajji Bahadar was 17 years old when he went to Banoor for ‘bait’ on the hands of Hazrat Syed Adam Banoori and stayed there for 11 years. Hazrat Hajji Bahadar went for Hajj in 1645 first time.
Hazrat Hajji Bahadar went to Hajj for second time with his murshad (spiritual teacher) Hazrat Syed Adam Banoori with about 400 followers of Hazrat Adam Banoori in 1657.
It was the time when Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan hared about his popularity, he got afraid. He with the help of his ministers - Sadaullah Khan and Moulvi Abdul Hakim - tried to send them for hajj. When Hazrat Syed Adam Banoori decided 400 followers gathered to go for Hajj, and the huge gathering of Hazrat Banoori reached the holy land to perform Hajj.
After Hajj Hazrat Syed Adam Banoori permanently stayed in Madina and Hazrat Hajji Bahadar came to Kohat with the advice of his Murshad to complete the mission of Hazrat Syed Adam Banoori. A large number of people had embraced Islam on his hands. Emperor Aurangzaib Alamgeer had also ‘bait’ on the hands of Hazrat Hajji Bahadar. Hazrat Hajji Bahadar stayed in Kohat for one year after Hajj and then went to Bannu for some time and returned.
Hazrat Hajji Bahadar died in 1691 at the age of 110 years and was buried in Kohat. A large number of people visited his tomb on urs every year from across the country.
Hazrat Hajji Bahadar left five sons behind him.

Syed Muhammad Yousuf, Syed Muhammad Qasim, Syed Muhammad Omar, Syed Muhammad Usman, Syed Muhammad Yaqoob

Muhammad Yousuf and Muhammad Qasim, from his wife Hazrat Syeda Rukkia (r.a) and was from the family of Shiekh Abdul Qadir Jillani (r.a) Sawaneh Hayat Hazrat Haji Bahadar by Lal shah

Lineage (Shajra) of Hazrat Haji Bahadar(r.a)

Syed Abdullah Shah alias Hazrat Haji Bahadar(r.a) s/o Muhammad shah s/o Sultan Mir Sarwar s/o Sultan Mir Akbar s/o Sultan Miran shah s/o Sultan Mir Subhan Shah s/o Sultan Muhammad Zubair s/o Sultan Muhammad Kabir s/o Sultan Mir Kamal s/o Sultan Mir Jamal s/o Sultan Abi Fazal s/o Sultan Abi Afzal s/o Sultan Siraj-ud-din s/o Sultan Bah-ud-din s/o Sultan Abdur Rehman s/o Sultan Muhammad Imran s/o Sultan Muhammad Hussain s/o Sultan Muhammad Muhseen s/o Sultan Burhan s/o Sultan Shaaban s/o Sultan Muhammad Zahid s/o Sultan Amir Ahmad s/o Sultan Abdul Aziz S/o Sultan Syed Muhammad Ibrahim s/o Syed Hasan Askari s/o Syed Ali Naqi s/o Syed Muhammad Taqi s/o Syed Ali Musa Raza s/o Syed Musa Kazim s/o Syed Imam Jafar sadiq s/o Syed Imam Baqar s/o Syed Imam Zain-ul-Abaideen s/o Syed-du-Shuhada Imam Hassain(r.a) s/o Amir-ul-Moumineen Hazrat Ali(k.w)

Mastan Baba (r.a)

Named Hazrat Baba Mastan Shah Bukhari alias Mastan Baba, tomb is located near river Indus among the hills of Khushal Garh on the road side. There is a mosque, rooms and some arrangements for the visitors. People from the distance frequently visit there, on vacant the Mazar is look to be full with the visitors.
Main construction work of the tomb was done by his successor Baba Niaz Ali

Ref: epitaphs at the Mazar

Tomb of Mastan shah Bukhar

Dora Baba (r.a)

Name was Peer Syed Jamal Shah alias Dora baba (r.a)
Tomb is located in Sangerh to the opposite side, main Gate of Zanana Hospital in the City, at the spot there is a water tank, little mosque, and some graves there

Peer Baba Kabli (r.a)

Hazrat Peer Syed Ahmad shah Kabli alias Peer Baba Kabli (r.a) tomb is towards Shahpur in ‘Raigee’
After crossing Shahpur bridge to the right, narrow metalled road, among the lush gardens of guava on both side leads to the shady parking of the ‘Mazar’ there is a beautiful mosque, tube well, staying place and also little village.
The mosque Peer baba Kabli in Mohallah Rangarh is on the name. Hazrat Peer Baba Kabli (r.a) died in August, 1931 in Kohat and was buried in ‘Raigee’ near Shahpur.

The name of ‘khaliphas’ of Peer baba kabli,

Hazrat Syed jafar Shah Banoori
Hazrat Syed Zamin Shah Bukhari
Hazrat Sardar Gul Zaman
Hazrat Dr. Shiekh Muhammad Amir
Hazrat Syed Abdur Razaq Wasti
Hazrat Syed fazal Shah
Hazrat Mulla lal Shah
Hazrat Aziz Ahmad Ansari
Hazrat Syed Kifayatullah Shah Wasti
Hazrat Azam Khan
Hazrat Mulla Jee

Ref: epitaphs at the Mazar

Janan Baba (r.a)

Name was Hazrat Janan Baba Jan alias Janan Baba (r.a)
Tomb is located in ‘Raigee’ from some distance from the Peer baba kabli near the hills.
At the spot there are free little rooms for staying and other arrangements for the visitors, car parking is also available there, and people from distance came to visit the Mazar.

Abdullah Shah Gazi (r.a)

Named Hazrat Sher shah Abdullah Bukhari Gazi, tomb is located at the pleasant point among the gardens and green valley of Shahpur. The tomb is on the road side, there is a hall and shelter for the visitors. People visit there on holidays.